Reflection: Perseverance Stepping In: Billy Collins and Building Interest - Section 4: Poem Reading: Billy Collins' "The Brooklyn Museum of Art"


I collected the student notes on each poem to check for their ability to write interesting and engaging questions about the text and (more importantly for our unit opener) about accessing an artist's world. 

In a student questions and annotations of poem, one student asked two great questions:

1.) What or who is he hiding from?

2.) What happened in the 19th century?

As Formative.  Of course, many of these questions were shared in the short class discussion that occurred after the small group activity, but I collected the annotated poems from each student in order to see which of  them might be having initial issues or problems with accessing the art work.  A blank page or one that showed little interest in the art would be a good indication that I should do some follow-up work and touch base with that student prior to our fieldtrip so that he or she could be encouraged in ways that may require differentiation or individualization.  

  Perseverance: Student Responses to the Poem!
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Stepping In: Billy Collins and Building Interest

Unit 10: Writing about Art: Exploring Image and Linguistic Connections
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT understand, explain, and interpret visual art and a poem in an evidence-based discussion.

Big Idea: What do you see, think, and wonder in a piece of art? My students will tell you!

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