Reflection: Lesson Planning Preparing For An Essay on “The End of Something” - Section 4: Mini Lesson On Embedding Quotes


Embedding quotes is one thread that I am throwing out there today. I am not really sure how many students will use this skill right away. However, the point of throwing out these threads is that I can always pick them up later and offer them more opportunities to use it. In this manner, they can begin to weave it into their skills set. Today, many did find it challenging to make the sentence work embedding the quote. This is one of the skills I need to explicitly make part of assignments in the future in order for students to gain control of it. In this set of student samples, the first two students were able to embed the quote successfully, but the other two were not. The first two students ended up with sentences that sound mature and strong, sentences that make for good academic writing. The other two sentences reveal a struggle to control language. It seems as if they may just have needed to edit by rereading in order to hear that the sentence just did not work. However, I think that the struggle is at a deeper level. When I give students a task that requires them to step into more rigorous academic work, some of my students find it so challenging that they seem to need their attention completely on the task at hand leaving some basic things, like making sure the sentence makes sense, unattended. More practice is needed for students to embed quotes successfully.

  Lesson Planning: Embedding Quotes
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Preparing For An Essay on “The End of Something”

Unit 5: Modernist Literature
Lesson 3 of 17

Objective: SWBAT prepare to write an essay for "The End of Something" by completing a chart, deconstructing prompt and learning how to embed quotations.

Big Idea: Laying the foundation for a successful essay.

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