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Although it would be wonderful if magically students equally chose all three factors to write about, I clearly undertand this won’t happen! Because I want students to choose their own opinion and be able to support it, I realize that there will be one factor that will have more supporters than another. And this is fine! I just need to plan for having uneven groups with one – or more – view points being less supported that others. As long as there is one student representing each view in a group, I’ll be happy. Of course, if it so happens that one group doesn’t have a representative of a certain view, I could always jump in and argue it myself!

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  Flexibility: Making adjustments... again
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The Titanic: Forming an Opinion

Unit 9: The Titanic
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Objective: SWBAT develop their opinion of what caused the majority of deaths on the Titanic and support their opinion with reasons and evidence from their research.

Big Idea: After weeks of research, students have decided that three main factors contributed to the tragedy of the Titanic. They will analyze their data to determine which factor contributed the most and support their opinion with evidence.

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