Reflection: Accountability TCAP Social Studies Vocabulary Review - Section 4: Closure


Some of my students were highly competitive as they played the online Jeopardy-inspired game to review the TCAP social studies vocabulary.  Their competitive play cause me to have several "teachable moments" about success being measured by effort.  I diminished the idea of "winners" and "losers" and focused their attention on everyone just doing their best.  I rewarded all of them at the end of the game because they all put forth great effort.  The lesson itself helped them gain a better understanding of themselves, their families, communities, state, nation, and world.

  Competitve Play
  Accountability: Competitve Play
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TCAP Social Studies Vocabulary Review

Unit 8: TCAP Testing
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT review social studies vocabulary for the TCAP test by playing a Jeopardy-inspired game.

Big Idea: Students will play a Jeopardy-inspired game to review social studies vocabulary for the TCAP test.

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