Reflection: Student Ownership Character Motivation - Peter Rabbit - Section 2: Independent Practice


I realized students may not have been familiar with some of the motives, so I anticipated questions. I found it interesting that they attempted to assign motives, instead of asking questions. This showed me they had grown academically and were more confident in their knowledge at this point in the year.  They were not always correct, but it was evident they were making connections to what they already knew. For example, the text stated that Peter Rabbit “gave himself up for lost.” Many students assigned the motive, sacrifice. I question students when they are incorrect to gain insight into their thinking and identify misconceptions. When I asked why they said sacrifice, the response was because he gave up. How wonderful that they knew sacrifice means to give up! I went on to explain that it means to give up something that you want for someone or something else and gave an example. They said, “Ohhh!” and chose a more appropriate motive.

  Student Ownership: Trying It On Their Own
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Character Motivation - Peter Rabbit

Unit 15: Tell Me a Story
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine a character’s motivations by analyzing their actions.

Big Idea: Students work to determine why the characters of Peter Rabbit do what they do.

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