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Because I know giving appreciations help students work together and feel appreciated (they know someone is going to say something nice about them at the end of every lesson) I put up a slide with appreciation statement starters.  I am working with my students to go deepening in their appreciations than just thank you for working with me.  You've been a good friend.  I want them to link it to something specific and I know if I help them for a little while it becomes a habit of mind for them.

A positive classroom environment develops a students sense of self-worth and self esteem.  Because our society uses put-downs all the time, in TV shows, between friends and in families it is important to teach students how to give and accept appreciations.  In this lesson I used appreciation starters because I know I need to give the students a format first and then it will become a habit.  

While I don't personally agree with rewarding students externally - the Cardinal cash - I do agree in using it to build students math skills.  Using appreciations is a way to build students behavior with intrinsic rewards.  Who does not want a complement!

  Positive Reinforcement: Appreciations
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Plane Polygons

Unit 10: Geometry
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: The students will be able to sort and classify two-dimensional figures in a hierarchy based on properties.

Big Idea: Shape up!

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