Reflection: Relevance Stereotypical and Iconic Images Depicted in Drama: Baseball and the N-Word in Fences, Act 1 Scene 1 - Section 4: Engagement (Jigsaw Activity)


It would have been wonderful for my students and I to explore the opposing opinions on the use of the n-word, the views shared by Spike Lee vs. opponents of Spike Lee because it would be a great opportunity for us as a class to consider whether it is far for some blacks to feel entitled to use the n-word while whites are barred from using it at all. In addition, I would have loved to see my students' reaction to the way the former basketball coach of Central Michigan State University used the n-word. I wonder how they would react to his usage of the word.

When I chose the article, Who can say the n-word?, for this lesson, I did not take into consideration Kim Kardashian's connection to the O.J. Simpson's case. Most of my students have been following the changes in her life, the birth of her child and her pending marriage, so it would have been an interesting footnote to include a reference to her father's legal career and how the n-word's usage increased during the O.J. Simpson case as seen in the chart, declining use of the n-word  taken from Who can say the n-word?

  Relevance: What would I do differently with the jigsaw and unexpected moments
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Stereotypical and Iconic Images Depicted in Drama: Baseball and the N-Word in Fences, Act 1 Scene 1

Unit 1: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze the context of Fences Act I Scene 1 by identifying the impact of the social and stereotypical images reflecting the time period and the author's intention for including these references in the text.

Big Idea: How do the images of America's favorite past time and racial stereotypes impact the disempowered?

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