Reflection: Relevance Introduction To Modernist Literature - Section 3: Reading A New Text


I have been looking for opportunities to help my students see the purpose and value of annotating a text, and this is the closest I have gotten. I used this story to help them see that if we just highlight, we will only be capturing part of this story and that we need to annotate it to get a clear picture of the entire story. These are two examples of what I wanted the second page of this story to look once annotated and highlighted.

  Relevance: On Annotating
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Introduction To Modernist Literature

Unit 5: Modernist Literature
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Objective: SWBAT tackle a modernist text by gaining knowledge of this literature movement and applying this knowledge as they read.

Big Idea: Without some knowledge of modernism, a Hemingway story would be a complete mystery for my students.

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English / Language Arts, Writing Process, Modernism, citation (Research Writing), Hemingway, The End of Something, discussions, questioning strategy
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