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This is the third lesson in which the students are learning about a particular crop that is raised on a farm. Today, the students wrote about what they learned about flowers. I see them getting very good at learning time order words, first, next, then, after, and finally. This is good news because the way I used to teach using time order works took them too long because of the lack of time to practice based on the guidelines of the curriculum we had to follow. Because the CCSS asks students to write every day and through out the day, my students are getting so much more practice and learning this skill much faster.

I like the academic vocabulary that is appearing in their writing and the manner in which they are integrating it.

I noticed that when my students write, they are going back and rereading their notes. This is improving their writing a lot. I have been surprised as to how much I have needed to remind students that they can use their notes to write. For some this still seems like a foreign concept and somehow think they need to write from memory.

I can see the conceptual understanding of different topics expand through the integration of informational text at this grade level. For example, flowers are not just pretty things anymore. In fact, now my students know, that we wear flowers. This was certainly an interesting discovery for my students.

I am happy to see my students gaining a broader knowledge of flowers. While they know that flowers and vegetables need much water to grow, they now know flowers are raised on farms and there are many uses for flowers. My students are growing in understanding the concept of raising. They have seen that not only are fruit and vegetables raised on farms, but now they know nuts are raised on farms, flowers are raised on farms, as well as animals.

Repetition of the same concept with different topics are exactly what my students who are English Language Learners need and that is why they are producing very good drafts

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Writing About Flowers
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Flowers Grow On Farms

Unit 7: Farms
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about key details in an informational text.

Big Idea: Students understand that some farms grow flowers as they build content knowledge to help them understand more about the setting in Charlotte's Web, which we are reading in a companion unit.

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