Reflection: ELL Students Poetry is...Follow Up - Section 2: Independent work


I will observe to see how students settle in to the task before I start coaching.  I will be strategic with who select to coach. I might go to a student who I know will be successful with the  activity first.  This is because it will not take very long with them- but I will be giving them a few minutes of attention  and recognition for all their daily hard work and effort. This will give other students a chance to get focused. having a coaching form "formalizes" the work and adds an air of seriousness/mysteriousness to the task. It sends a clear signal to students- I will be checking in with them.

 I will alternate between students who read at grade level and kids that are at risk due to off task behavior, or struggle to find a good fit book. Although this is much less a problem with poetry- the books mostly look the same and kids are not shy to pick an" easy one".

Also, I will check in with ELL students.  I will use this time to gather information about what they are doing well and support them by asking questions and using the coaching form.  It will depend on the kind of poem that they chose as to what I will coach into.  If it is a funny poem- I will ask the student to tell me why it is funny.  I will be on the lookout for opportunities to teach the reader a little something based on what they are already doing and to jot down notes as to what I need to teach them next.

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Poetry is...Follow Up

Unit 10: Oh Me! Oh Life! Reading Poetry
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT engage in a class discussion about poetry by listening to each other's responses and readings.

Big Idea: Students grow their ideas about poetry through discussion and presentations!

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