Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Solve Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction - Section 1: Introduction


This lesson is mostly about the procedure of solving inequalities using inverse operations.  I make sure we discuss the meanings of solutions to distinguish an inequality from an equation.

There is one thing that continues to confuse me year after year when I teach solving inequalities - why is this often confusing for students who have no difficulty solving equations? Is it just the appearance of a less than or greater than symbol that confusing?  Even if I introduce an example by saying that inequalities can be solved like equations, many students will still be confused.  

Eventually they get it but not as quickly as I always seem to expect.  Usually at some point into the lesson a student will exclaim "Oh this is just like solving equations!"  I will have to refrain from rolling my eyes and saying "that's what I've been saying over and over the last umpteen minutes!"  

Sometimes I will have students use a helper equation to solve an inequality.  For example, a students would solve x - 7 > 4 by using the helper equation x - 7 = 4.  Then when they got the solution of the equation x = 11, they rewrite the solution as x > 11.  This can help but students often forget to rewrite the solution as an inequality and miss the misinterpret the solution as an equation instead of an inequality.

  Solving Inequalities VS Equations
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Solving Inequalities VS Equations
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Solve Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations
Lesson 12 of 20

Objective: SWBAT solve inequalities using addition and subtraction

Big Idea: Inequalities can be solved like equations. The meaning of the solution is different.

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