Reflection: Exit Tickets Building our Own Bar Graphs (Part I) - Section 5: Exit Ticket


In this lesson, I took notes as my students worked on their exit tickets to identify trends.  For instance, I found that many of my students double checked their work twice to make sure their tally chart was accurate. I found that all but one of my students shaded in the correct number of squares on their bar graph.  I was also able to identify that one student did not understand that the bars on the X axis need to be spaced out (see non-example). 

Using my notes and the exit ticket data, I was able to identify what skills I needed to review and what skills my students had already mastered.  In this case, I took time with my student who struggled during morning work the next day to clear up misconceptions she had.  

I don't use exit tickets every day, but when I use them they are a very useful tool to clearly identify student mastery of a particular concept. 

  Exit Tickets: Using the exit ticket as formative assessment
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Building our Own Bar Graphs (Part I)

Unit 7: Bar Graphs
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT build bar graphs using raw data

Big Idea: Students use data to create a tally chart and make a bar graph

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Math, tally table, group work, bar graph, accuracy, bar graph
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