Reflection: Intervention and Extension Building our Own Bar Graphs (Part II) - Section 4: Independent Practice


I differentiate my independent practice most days by dividing my class into three groups. Usually, I spend my time working with my intervention group, modeling  problems and giving the support that they need to conceptually understand a topic.  In this lesson, I allow my intervention and on level groups to work independently and I spend time pushing my highest achieving students.  Working with these students pushes and challenges them so that they think more deeply about bar graphs and apply skip counting to create an accurate bar graph.

When I taught this lesson, my Group A and B students worked independently and I kept my Group C on the rug where I introduced bar graphs with larger numbers.  As my Group C students worked on their challenge problem, I checked in with my other groups to make sure that they were on task and understanding their work. 

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  Intervention and Extension: Extension Group
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Building our Own Bar Graphs (Part II)

Unit 7: Bar Graphs
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT build a bar graph using a given set of data.

Big Idea: Students use raw data to accurately build their own bar graph.

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