Reflection: Relevance What Would You Do? - Section 3: Enrichment/ Homework


Assigning homework that includes reading an except form a book that many students are already reading deepens the social and emotional learning while integrating the ccss.

This is a great for me to extend the Social Emotional Learning students are acquiring from the bullying unit into our reading and writing units.

Students are learning to annotate their readings by writing in the margins in both the poetry unit and in the taking a closer look unit in literary fiction.  So this seems like a logical fit.

  Integrate Social-Emotional Learning with CCSS
  Relevance: Integrate Social-Emotional Learning with CCSS
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What Would You Do?

Unit 12: Anti Bullying Curriculum
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify and understand characters emotions, practice stepping up and not being a bystander to bullying .

Big Idea: Lend a Hand, Stop Bullying Now!

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