Reflection: Real World Applications How Should I Answer? - Section 3: Extention


I added this extension to the lesson to give students an opportunity to connect what they were learning about bullying to their own experiences and actions at school.

Experiences of being a target of bullying behaviors

Actions of targeting someone to bully.

I hooked the ideas of a target and bullying with pictures of them and the class had a discussion about these terms.

I want them to understand the importance of telling a trusted adult when they are excluded and bullied.  That is the message I want the students to hear and for them to understand when they are a target of someone's meanness- the problem comes from the other person not them.

 The discussion then moved to Mattie, the main character in Hound Dog True.  Students discussed how the scene at the dinner table related to their lives and KB in the webisodes.

  Real World Applications: Relevancy
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How Should I Answer?

Unit 12: Anti Bullying Curriculum
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze characters' feeling and put themselves in their shoes.

Big Idea: Developing Empathy and Self Awareness.

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