Reflection: Exit Tickets All Smiles for Similes - Section 3: Understanding Similes and Student Practice


To check their understanding of similes I use a worksheet as an exit note/paper. Students will use this to go to recess. I give this to each of them with about fifteen minutes left before we go out normally. They then have those fifteen minutes and whatever time they need into recess. 

When I do exit tickets before recess I make sure to have at least fifteen minutes for them to work on it. I also do not tell them until the last three minutes or so that it is an exit ticket to go out. This way students take their time and try their best. It is also then a motivator for getting the work done. 

  Exit Tickets: Exit Paper
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All Smiles for Similes

Unit 16: Poetry
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine and write similes to help them understand the meaning an author is trying to get across in reading text or poetry.

Big Idea: Students often forget the difference between a simile and metaphor. This lesson is a fun way to help them practice similes and find them in context.

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