Reflection: Real World Applications Can You Buy Friends? - Section 2: Active Engagement


I wanted students to understand Brick's motivation for being nice to Josh by using their own experiences and background knowledge. I prompted students to think about situations that have happened in our classroom and at our school by inserting this prompt:

"Before we watch the video, think about kids you know that bring stuff to school- like Takis, or material to make bracelets, or lanyards, and then all of a sudden they're "popular" and everyone wants to sit by them at lunch or play with them at recess."

 Think if you are the kid who brings stuff or if you are the kid who is suddenly friends with the person who has the "goods".

 See if this background knowledge helps you understand what is motivating Brick to be nice to Josh.

 What do you think about that...can you buy friends?  And if you can, what kind of friends are they?


  Student Dynamics
  Real World Applications: Student Dynamics
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Can You Buy Friends?

Unit 12: Anti Bullying Curriculum
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT make inferences about character motivation based on evidence in text and background knowledge through discussion.

Big Idea: Reveal your beliefs through discussions!

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