Reflection: Trust and Respect What? Why? Who? Me? - Section 1: My Lens


I inserted this unit into our morning routine after  announcements, attendance taking, picking up phones, and getting the ipads from the lab.  All of these parts of the daily opening are run by students.  Students have a job for one week then they rotate.

As I started this unit, I needed to support the "Student Readers" in order for them to mobilize and focus students on the task of writing their answer stems as well as maximizing our time.  Everything needed to run smoothly and efficiently because we only had 25 minutes due to the constraints of our schedule.  Students were willing to cooperate and do what they needed to do quickly because they wanted to watch the video.  Their desire to watch the video motivated them to get the answer stems written quickly.  The pre-exposure to the questions, helped students watch for details and evidence to support their discussions and answers.

I coached the readers in use of the microphone, where to stand, how to stand, and how to look at their classmates as they were reading the questions.  I coached the second reader how to rephrase the question in the form of an answer or to call on a classmate who wanted to offer the answer.

My attention was between coaching the readers, and checking on students at their desks who tend to not get engaged in learning activities.  For those students, I made sure they had a tab in their notebook marking the "Stand Up to Bullying" section.  For many kids, their lack of engagement can be an organizational issue and lack of feeling success.  Getting them started right away and having the task be fairly simple ensured they were successful. 

  Strengthening the Culture for learning: Respect
  Trust and Respect: Strengthening the Culture for Learning: Respect
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What? Why? Who? Me?

Unit 12: Anti Bullying Curriculum
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT determine character traits and infer why characters behave in certain ways through discussion of the evidence.

Big Idea: Cultivating social-emotional awareness!

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