Reflection: Intervention and Extension Addition Fluency: Adding with 0, 1, 2 - Section 3: Independent Practice


You can see in the video in the resource section that my student is not yet fluent in solving computation problems because she is still using her fingers to count on. This will come with frequent practice. I set up multiple math facts games in my room for students to use during centers and free time. I encourage the students who are having difficulty to select these for practice. Also, I pair students up with partners to use flashcards with each other to improve fluency.

  Intervention and Extension: Struggling students
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Addition Fluency: Adding with 0, 1, 2

Unit 3: Addition Strategies
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Objective: SWBAT answer problems adding 0, 1, and 2 with fluency.

Big Idea: No solving required! Children who understand why a number remains the same when added to zero will not need to memorize each combination individually. Also, fluency can increase by practicing adding 1 or 2 to a number.

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Math, count on, addition, First Grade, adding, identity property of addition
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