Reflection: Modeling Are You My Mother? - Section 2: Reading the Story


In this lesson, I spent a lot of time on the discussion of the 5 W's of the story, the characters, setting and event.  The 5 W's of a story is one of the important CCSS.  In upper grades the students will have to go within a text and find the answers to these questions.  The text in upper grades will be more difficult and they will have to find the answers themselves.  By teaching so explicitly now in kindergarten, the task will be familiar and much easier for them to do when they are older.  In kindergarten we are doing this questioning and going back to the book for what they think is fun.  I am conscience of the foundation I am laying for my students so I stick closely to the CCSS.  These conversations help with my ELL student's vocabulary and comprehension.

  let's see how it is
  Modeling: let's see how it is
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Are You My Mother?

Unit 3: Animal Adventures
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Objective: SWBAT discuss the story details and produce an explanatory writing in response to literature.

Big Idea: We will discuss the funny events of the story including story details to write sentences about the story.

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