Reflection: Adjustments to Practice A Scary Day at Yellowstone National Park - Section 2: Application


This was a very simple lesson plan, and although a teacher may not choose to use "Old Faithful" as the subject, the concept for writing about a place of interest remains the same. Choose a location/Give background in the form of video and-or pictures/Read a location passage and-or informational text/Share the prompt.

Finding or creating a captivating prompt is key.  The kids will engage with the writing a lot more if they're excited about their topic.  Having said that, I did not discuss this with them as much as I should have. Having a scary experience at Yellowstone meant something different to the kids, then it did to me.  It's because I didn't clarify what definition of "scary" I meant.  In fact, a number of kids who thought they were writing about a "scary" experience ended up writing more of a "surprise" that occurred when they saw the geyser blow. I expected them to write mystery stories, but didn't specify that.  It's not a big deal, just a reminder that if you want your students to perform a certain task, it's important to state exactly what it is.

As it stands, I'm going to set their mystery stories at some other location...and that will be fun, too.

  What Does Scary Mean To You?
  Adjustments to Practice: What Does Scary Mean To You?
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A Scary Day at Yellowstone National Park

Unit 12: Creative Writing Fun
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT to apply understanding of Yellowstone National Park toward creative writing about a day spent there.

Big Idea: You'll never believe what happened!

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