Reflection: Student Grouping Jigsaw the Time For Kids with Small Groups - Section 2: Application


In the student's persuasive essay, which I wanted to follow to a T, it called for the kids to put themselves into the groups.  As the time neared for the grouping, all I saw was chaos with this part.  For me to have allowed them to group themselves, when there had to be seven groups of four, and expect it to go smoothly, wouldn't have gone well. Kids would have trouble getting themselves with friends, AND groups of four. To summarize...twenty-eight kids happy with an even four to a group? Would have been crazy for sure.

*Note about what led to this in the Persuade Me..."TIME for Kids" Reading Ideas lesson. Much to their chagrin, I explained that I'd separate their sticks into girls and boys and take two from each pile.  They grumbled that I hadn't followed the directions, but went with it.

In the future, I will not give out that expectation that anything they write will be followed exactly as they write it.  It wasn't my intention to do so in the first place, but sometimes the things left unsaid turn into something implied.

The lesson went well, but I didn't feel good about misleading them.

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Jigsaw the Time For Kids with Small Groups

Unit 8: Structuring Informational Text
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: TSWBAT read a Time For Kids article and develop a summary to share with the class.

Big Idea: Read the sections and share the results!

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