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My students are very used to providing feedback to their peers, but experience doesn't always ensure that productive feedback will come out when it's asked for!!  One thing I've found to be helpful, especially when first starting this kind of peer evaluation, is to give a few scripted responses.  Keep a chart and work through some responses with the students that would be general enough for any subject matter, but specific enough to be meaningful.  Leave that chart up in the classroom for students to refer back to.  Keep adding to it as they get better and better at providing feedback.  

In the grown up world, students need to know how to give feedback in a way that is respectful and productive- they need to be practicing that now.  When feedback is given that is less than appropriate, refer the student to the chart and have him/ her try again.  It is always appropriate to talk about feelings and being respectful and understanding while evaluating someone's work. They'll only get better if provided ample opportunities to give and receive feedback.

  Reflection: Be Nice!!
  Trust and Respect: Reflection: Be Nice!!
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Putting It All Together: Presentation Day

Unit 23: Fantastic Fiction: Exploring the Elements of Fiction
Lesson 16 of 16

Objective: SWBAT clearly and concisely present the findings of their analysis of a fictional text.

Big Idea: Being able to speak in public with confidence is an essential life skill.

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English / Language Arts, Fiction (Reading), Patricia Polacco, elements of fiction
  50 minutes
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