Reflection: Shared Expectations Poetry is...Follow Up - Section 4: Share out


This early lesson has a two main objectives.  

1. Develop a class-wide understanding of poetry ( the questionnaire topics)

2. Give students opportunities to

(A) read poems individually -( to start developing their taste in poetry),

(B) read to a partner, and

(C) read to the whole class.  

All thee are valuable.  Each reading of a poem is like taking a step on a staircase.  Students benefit from repeated readings as well as to a wider and wider audience. This it scaffolds the fear factor....first to my self, then to one person, them in a small group and lastly to the whole class and builds confidence in the process.


  Tilling the soil for Presentations
  Shared Expectations: Tilling the soil for Presentations
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Poetry is...Follow Up

Unit 10: Oh Me! Oh Life! Reading Poetry
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT engage in a class discussion about poetry by listening to each other's responses and readings.

Big Idea: Students grow their ideas about poetry through discussion and presentations!

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