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While all students get excited about projects the day they're assigned, some students lack the self direction to see a project all the way through.  It is possible to assign them something else. It is possible to differentiate the project for them.  There are ways to break the assignment down into smaller, more manageable parts, but I am not one to let such a student out of the general assignment altogether.  I am of the opinion that we learn by practice and by putting ourselves outside of our comfort zone.  It is important for these students to practice stamina, to practice following through, to practice planning and goal setting.  If I let them out of such assignments because they "can't" do it then I'm not providing appropriate opportunities for them to practice those skills.  

This reality reared its ugly head in this project.  I have just a couple of kiddos who won't follow through when their idea goes awry and doesn't work out the way they had envisioned it.  These couple of students experience shut down and won't recover.  For these guys, I find it necessary to let them struggle through the consequences of not getting done- especially after I've provided all the scaffolding I can.  

I hope that there comes a day for them that they break through the emotional issues that are currently holding them back, but I will not be the one that lets them "slide by" because of it.  In our class, we are about perseverance and perseverance is what I want to see. 

  Reflection: The Reality of Projects
  Performance Tasks: Reflection: The Reality of Projects
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Putting It All Together: Working On the Posters

Unit 23: Fantastic Fiction: Exploring the Elements of Fiction
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: SWBAT read a fictional text, analyze the elements of fiction in it and prepare a poster presentation for their peers.

Big Idea: Being able to analyze fiction and its elements leads to greater comprehension of fictional texts of all types.

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English / Language Arts, Fiction (Reading), Patricia Polacco, elements of fiction
  60 minutes
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