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While the students were working on one word family at one of the integrated work stations, there was another work station with another word family. At the other work station the students were working on the -un family to go with the word sun. 

I thought I was being a bit ambitious doing two word family stations at once, but the students appear to be really maturing as they took it all in stride. In fact I found the second, third and fourth set of students who rotated through the work stations did better and better each time. I have a feeling this was because they were able to practice the skill once at the first station and then truly master it the second time they came to experience it.   

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Day, Play, Say, Okay!

Unit 17: Solar System
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to add or substitute individual sounds in simple, one syllable words to make new words.

Big Idea: Making a sun helps students understand how changing one letter can make a new word.

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English / Language Arts, Native American literature, opinion, setting, literacy, sentance
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sunrise to start your
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