Reflection: Routines and Procedures Interpreting and Graphing Quadratic Functions - Section 1: Entry Ticket: Interpreting the Domain of Quadratic Functions


Today, I prompted students to volunteer additional items for today's agenda. I do this occasionally to encourage student ownership of the learning goals. 

What if...?

In the case a student brings up a potentially inappropriate idea for the agenda, I typically ask the class whether or not the item should be included as an agenda item for the whole class. Then, we use the Class Objectives and the current Essential Question to consider whether or not the proposed idea or activity is relevant or not.

  Encouraging Student Ownership
  Routines and Procedures: Encouraging Student Ownership
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Interpreting and Graphing Quadratic Functions

Unit 7: Interpret and Build Quadratic Functions and Equations
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT interpret graphs and tables and sketch graphs for quadratic functions. SWBAT relate the domain of a quadratic function to its graph, and interpret the domain in terms of the context.

Big Idea: Students interpret key features of quadratics in real-life contexts to see the value of modeling and power of quadratics!

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