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At this point in the school year I am hoping to see progress in all of my students abilities towards mastering the task of using word families to create words. When looking at the students work I noticed that all of my students were able to recognize the prominent word family, but that some were still creating nonsense words as opposed to real words. 

When I met with the students who had created nonsense words they thought they had created real words used in everyday conversation. I asked one of the students to use "wat" in a sentence and he told me, "Ohh, I thought it was the word what, like in what are you wearing?" We discussed the pronunciation and how to check the words you are creating by using them in a sentence. If you can use the word in a sentence where it makes sense then it is most likely a real word.

Meeting with the student to clarify their work increases both your understanding of their actual ability and their understanding of what the assigned task was asking of them.  

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The Hat is Where it's At!

Unit 7: Dr. Seuss Week
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: Students will be able to add or substitute individual sounds in simple, one syllable words to make new words.

Big Idea: Making the Cat in the Hat helps students recall how changing one letter can make a new word.

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