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When working with manipulatives in kindergarten, it's important to always have you materials prepared and ready to go as you plan to use them. The best idea is to have them grouped and packaged the way you will hand them out. Take a little time each day to prepare for the next by organizing and preparing the materials exactly the way you want to hand them out to the kids the next day. It will save you a great amount of time and sanity.

Another thing to have in place are the procedures and expectations you have for how the kids get and use the materials. A well-managed classroom makes learning better for all. The kids should know the procedures and expectations before the lesson begins. This includes transition time.

  Be prepared!
  Classroom Setup: Be prepared!
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Sorting by the Rainbow

Unit 3: Sorting & Classifying
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT understand how to sort objects by color.

Big Idea: Kinders love animals and in this activity they have a farm with animals of every color of the rainbow and they got all mixed up! Their job is to sort them back into their color barns.

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