Reflection: Rules and Consequences Mrs. Mack: More Practice with Theme - Section 1: Going Over the Homework


My students have homework every day--- every day.  I don't go over homework every day, but there are days when I want to get a quick idea of where students are in their understanding. Today was one of those days.  Because I have students who don't always complete homework, I have to have a plan for those those days I want to review it.

My students who are absent without an excuse or who don't complete homework are required to make time up during their recess or unified arts class.  The expectation is that homework is completed every night and believe me, their homework shouldn't take them too long.  The consequence for not completing homework is missing recess.  In an instance such as today when I want to review the homework, my plan is to have extra copies printed so everyone is accountable for following along and answering questions.

What I've found is that my kiddos who didn't complete homework and receive an extra copy, work harder to keep up than the ones who have it done already.  I still keep them for recess and they make up time completing another assignment, but I don't want them to have a free pass during class so if I have to make a few extra copies then so be it!!

  Reflection: Homework Expectations
  Rules and Consequences: Reflection: Homework Expectations
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Mrs. Mack: More Practice with Theme

Unit 23: Fantastic Fiction: Exploring the Elements of Fiction
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: SWBAT read a book and identify the theme along with corresponding text evidence.

Big Idea: Understanding theme is paramount to deep understanding of fictional texts.

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