Reflection: Trust and Respect Great Writers Need an Editor - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


Open communication is the best way to make the most of a peer-editing experience, but to build this students need to feel they are in a safe environment. To do this in my classroom, first of all I use peer editing alot for all the different subjects - this way students feel like it is a standard practice in our class and don't see it as a negative. Secondly I review the rules of peer editing and have students discuss what they liked about it and what they did not like about what their partner did or said - not critical, just honest and forgiving. Thirdly, I identify students who are giving thoughtful advice so that all students feel they will be valued for the effort they are giving to someone else. Then we celebrate our overall scores and the fact that we all did it together! It is so valuable for students to hear from their own peers because that's primarily who they are writing their stories for.

Plus I find that it is so valuable for students to identify and correct mistakes in others writing because this so closely models the questioning they will have on their Common Core year end test. It also makes them better writers because they can apply their visual and auditory editing strategies to their own work.

Here's my reflection on some suggested additions to the lesson to improve peer editing comments


  creating the environment and rules
  Trust and Respect: creating the environment and rules
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Great Writers Need an Editor

Unit 5: Writing Narrative Stories to Entertain Your Readers
Lesson 14 of 16

Objective: SWBAT...identify, discuss, and correct errors in punctuation, spelling, sentence format and content in their own and their partner's writing by giving and implementing specific advice for areas of improvement.

Big Idea: Mistakes are a part of life. When we get our audiences opinion on our writing we can make our stories even better.

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