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The next time I plan this lesson, I do want to extend my time. My students definitely needed more instructional time with finding theme and comparing poems with a similar theme. I wish I had set aside a class period to look over these poems more thoroughly, really break down the organizers and then hold socratic seminars around these poems. At the very least, I could have let the students get into discussion groups to have a conversation centered around the poems. I would've liked to give each group more time to share what they learned from their poem, how they found the theme etc. and then perhaps let the other groups take a peek at each of the other poems. Next year, for sure! 

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Sadness strikes; Comparing Theme in Poetry

Unit 4: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship- "Love That Dog"
Lesson 18 of 20

Objective: SWBAT use text details to compare and contrast poems with similar themes.,

Big Idea: Two poems. Same theme. Yet completely different. How does that happen?

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