Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Fox and Giraffe Informational Paragraph - Section 3: Partner Work


One reason my students are motivated is because I use a lot of positive reinforcements. Now, I believe intrinsic motivation is best, but in the primary grades sometimes it begins as an extrinsic reward. I do pass out these tickets, Eagle Eyes, and you get one if you are doing the right thing. They can be spent like money in our school bookstore. I also use positive talk and brag on my students. But, probably their favorite thing I do is allow them to have free dance time for maybe two minutes if they have had a really well behaved day. Well, sometimes we do it when they just do something great. So, I took a video of one of our dancing minutes.  The students by the Smart Board is selecting the song, because she loves music and to use the Smart Board.

  Positive Reinforcement: Student Motivation
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Fox and Giraffe Informational Paragraph

Unit 9: Create and Revise an Informational Paragraph
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT create an informational paragraph.

Big Idea: Create and evaluate writing as students discover new facts about two very interesting animals.

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