Reflection: Checks for Understanding Solve Addition and Subtraction Equations using Inverse Operations - Section 2: Guided Problem Solving


I wanted to make sure students understood what operation and value to use to solve each equation before beginning the guided problem solving.  After all, the purpose of the lesson is to see if students understand how to use inverse operations.   It seems pretty simple but for various reasons some students still might not "get" it.  

I strategically used my cold call cards to do the CFU.  In other words, I reordered them a bit to make sure I got to students who often struggle with a new concept.  I showed an equation from guided problem solving and then asked students to name the operation and value used to undo the equation.  For the equation below a student would say "subtract 7 from both sides" or "add -7 to both sides".    

 m + 7 = -4

If a student made a mistake, I would go to the tile model.  I also would ask "What is happening to the variable?" - in other words,  is a number being added to the variable or being subtracted from the variable.  Then "What is the inverse of that operation?"

I still saw a few computation errors in students work, but everybody was able to write in the correct inverse operation and value by the end of guided problem solving.

This may seem simple to master to an adult, but sometimes what seems simple to adults is not so to students.   This check for understanding allowed students to feel confident and successful during the lesson.

  An Easy Check for Understanding
  Checks for Understanding: An Easy Check for Understanding
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Solve Addition and Subtraction Equations using Inverse Operations

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations
Lesson 6 of 20

Objective: SWBAT solve addition and subtraction equations using inverse operations

Big Idea: Not all problems are easy to model or solve using mental math. Use inverse operations to solve equations.

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Math, Expressions (Algebra), inverse operations, addition equations, subtraction equations, equation
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