Reflection: Classroom Setup Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Section 3: Peer Editing and Conferencing


     I start setting up a classroom environment where each child is valued and where students are not only made aware of the differences in our classroom but to also embrace these differences beginning on the first day of school. My students are taught to be helpful towards one another instead of belittling others who might struggle with something.  What you are seeing in our peer editing videos is a product of all that hard work.  I have not had one problem this year with children being mean to one another based on a child being different.  I have a strategy video for how I begin to set this culture up in my classroom.  Just watch the video here in the resource section. 

  Classroom Setup: Establishing a Safe and Accepting Classroom Community
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Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies

Unit 4: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Crabs
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Objective: SWBAT take and implement feedback from the teacher in order to improve their writing.

Big Idea: We are almost finished. Today the student and teacher will conference and the student will improve their work when making a final product.

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