Reflection: Checks for Understanding Why Read Plays: Exposing the Elements of a Drama - Section 5: Writing


Some students were not able to write the paragraphs because of time. So, they elected to create a Drama Word Wall for the class as evidence of their understanding of the elements of a drama.

Still, I need to find alternate ways to check for student understanding that fall within the confines of the class period. In addition, I need to find ways to make homework assignments an ongoing effective tool in my classes. Currently, when it is given, most students are unable to complete it due to their other responsibilities: child care, jobs, etc.

  Checks for Understanding: Can a Drama World Wall Replace Informational Writing as a Formative Assessment?
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Why Read Plays: Exposing the Elements of a Drama

Unit 1: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
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Objective: SWBAT to acquire and use domain-specific terms about the elements of a play sufficient for reading, writing, listening and speaking on the career-readiness level by identifying the elements of a drama in a one-page play.

Big Idea: Why do I need to learn words and phrases about drama? So you won't break a leg as you read the lines!

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basic elements of a drama
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