Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Good Horse vs. Bad Horse - Section 1: Hook


I ask my students to do some ridiculously challenging tasks, but I use positive reinforcements to get them to hang in there with me. One thing we do is dance for two minutes. But one child really likes to pretend to be the teacher, and she loves the Smart Board. So, I allow her to select the song. She loves music. So, if everyone gives their best, we have what you see in the Behavioral Reward video free dance time.

Another thing I do is put pictures (Student Motivation) up of my students around the room. I also have an area outside my door for pictures of things we have done, or just fun pictures of them. I took this picture of myself and this student just for fun. I am trying to build her confidence. I will put it as my screensaver on the Smart Board.

  Positive Reinforcement: How I Get My Students to Give Me Their Best
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Good Horse vs. Bad Horse

Unit 6: Informational Text Features
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify text features and analyze how the author uses them to present information.

Big Idea: Engage in a interesting lesson about text features and horses in nature. I find my class loves to learn about horses!

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