Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Introducing Twelfth Night & Act I, Scene I - Section 3: Act I, Scene I: Close Reading


This year, I am only teaching honors classes, so the reading challenges aren't many.  However, I still have students who can get the general gist of a speech such as this one, but cannot parse it.  We have been working on close reading strategies all year, and the students understand how to do it, at least from a technical perspective.  But many still need support making meaning.

There are a few things that I have tried, including close readings with seat partners (I could really be more strategic about seating,) visiting every group and supporting them with tidbits here and there, and (when we read Romeo and Juliet), I have used Shakespeare Made Easy, which has a simplified text on the other side.  The problem with the simplified text is that the students who struggle will use it exclusively.

The answer seems to be some version of differentiated groups, with the struggling readers getting the most "teacher time."  I think if they can get through this opening speech with its exalted language, they can make it through the play.

  Supporting Less Competent Readers
  Diverse Entry Points: Supporting Less Competent Readers
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Introducing Twelfth Night & Act I, Scene I

Unit 8: Twelfth Night, or What you Will
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Objective: SWBAT identify themes and characters in Twelfth Night and will perform a close reading of Orsino's speech in Act I, Scene I.

Big Idea: The second Shakespeare of the year? Like falling off a log...

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