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It is not very hard for students to give descriptive details in sentences, but it does have to be pointed out to them what they are doing. When students become proficient at not only using adjectives but also recognizing them, they become more detailed writers and more detailed speakers.

This exit ticket activity could be improved by having the students think of their descriptive word, give it to me in a sentence and then come up with the adjectives opposite. This would create more rigor by asking the students to not only come up with a word, use it proficiently in a sentence but then also show a true understanding of the adjective through accurately giving its antonym.

I will keep this in mind for when I do this lesson again next year as I am always looking for ways to improve my instruction and help the students be the best they can be.   

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Describe it to Me

Unit 7: Dr. Seuss Week
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of adjectives.

Big Idea: Creating an imaginary creature helps students begin to use expressive language.

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