Reflection: Joy Acting Companies, Day 1 - Section 3: Making Decisions


Often, when I tell students that what we are about to do is going to be "fun," they ask me, "Kid fun, or teacher fun?"

Well.  Usually, the answer is "teacher fun."  That means that I often plan activities that I like to do...fishbowl, debate, Socratic seminars, book discussions...those are my kind of fun. Acting is different. Ultimately, we all enjoy it.  However, trying to conduct a class wherein six groups are doing six completely different things at the same time is not easy.  These are the lessons that require a ton of patience, flexibility, and a major tolerance for noise.

However, I think it's worth it.  When the students plan, manage, and produce a scene from Shakespeare, the pleasure they get from that success goes a long way.  And that feeds all of us and energizes our classroom.  Acting companies are the ultimate student-centered learning.  Maybe not "teacher fun."  But awesome anyway.

  Kid fun or teacher fun?
  Joy: Kid fun or teacher fun?
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Acting Companies, Day 1

Unit 8: Twelfth Night, or What you Will
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT select a scene from Twelfth Night and develop it into a performance

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