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While I understand the necessity of students' being able to solve multiple choice problems, I think that opened ended and short response questions are the best way for me to prepare my students. If my students can justify their choices, draft responses about questions and think critically about creating problems then I believe they will be able to apply these skills to the solving of any problem, regardless of what type of answer it asks for. If a students goes through all of these steps to identify the correct answer from a list, as a multiple choice asks them to do, it should be an easy process compared to the critical thinking I've been expecting them to do. 

  Why I Chose a Performance Task
  Performance Tasks: Why I Chose a Performance Task
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Crafting Word Problems- Performance Assessment

Unit 7: Problem Solving
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWABT design word problems for each operation by using key words and important information.

Big Idea: If students can write a word problem, they can break a word problem apart to make it easier to solve.

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