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I have seen stations turn into "play time" in classroom so I am always very clear with my students about what it looks like and sounds like to be working hard at a station. Although students are all working on word problems, I have the students grouped so that they can assist one another with questions that don't necessarily need me. They can have conversations about some of their work, but their work is not completed together. Each student is still responsible for their  own learning during this time. I think it's important in my room to vary the learning experiences for students, which is why I chose stations this week for these word problems. 

  Why Stations?
  Station Rotation: Why Stations?
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Crafting Word Problems (Day 4)

Unit 7: Problem Solving
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWABT solve word problems for each operation by identifying key words and important information.

Big Idea: If students can write a word problem, they can break a word problem apart to make it easier to solve.

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