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One thing I will keep in mind for the next time I do this lesson is to NOT have the pre-made recording sheets with the rhyming words on them. I thought the students would be excited about coming up with their own rhyming pairs of words, but that was not the case. every students in my classroom decided to use the recording sheets that already had two rhyming words already printed on them. 

Because the majority of the students chose to select the pre-made recording sheets I had to rely very heavily on my exit ticket assessment to see if students really could come up with rhyming words on their own. I would have liked to have more students come up with their own rhyming words because then I would have concrete evidence of an objective being met which I could have placed in their collection portfolio.  

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Rhyme Time

Unit 7: Dr. Seuss Week
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Students will be able to recognize and produce rhyming words.

Big Idea: Creating nonsense sentences allows students to practice rhyming skills.

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