Reflection: Checks for Understanding Writing a Research Argument/Teacher Consultation (3 days) - Section 3: Final Draft Writing


Students are slowly coming along.  I asked students to type their pieces on Google Document if possible so I could provide feedback there, too, and a number of them did over the couple days, so I was able to provide specific feedback regarding language use, organization, and types of evidence they may want to include.  Regarding language use, I found myself pointing out times where they stray from their tone and main purpose regarding audience—they sometimes contradict themselves or go on a tangent (of course, it could be that the topic they are writing about is emotional to them, since most chose something about college expenses, which is something very much on their minds as they finish their junior year).

Attached are a couple drafts at various points of completion, including one with my comments on their google document (DreamsorDisaster (1).docx, though the comments only show up if you download the document--at least that is what happened when I previewed it!).

  Checks for Understanding: Writing Coming Along
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Writing a Research Argument/Teacher Consultation (3 days)

Unit 11: Writing a Research Argument
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT craft a researched argument essay and utilize rhetorical strategies to appeal to their audience.

Big Idea: Writing a researched argument is a cycle of writing and evaluating where more evidence is needed to appeal to your audience as your central idea becomes clearer.

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