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I was very happy with the results of this essay.  Over half of the students scored five or over according to my interpretation of the AP rubric (since I've never actually scored them other than at the AP institute, I'm not completely sure of my interpretation, though because I'm not completely confident, I'm scoring very conservatively).  The particular thing I looked at was for them to have a thesis statement of their own and to consistently focus on their own argument, using the resources as evidence.  The "fives" or "sixes" slipped into some resource summarizing to varying degrees, but most stuck to a topic.  There were still a couple students who continue to summarize the resources too much--I will work with those students individually now that the others are starting to get this, at least insofar as the AP exam is concerned.  The next step is the ability to do this when they are doing their own research and addressing a topic of their choosing.

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Assessment: Synthesis Essay

Unit 11: Writing a Research Argument
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT synthesize the information in a series of texts on a topic and write an essay on the topic with a unique point of view.

Big Idea: The challenge in writing an argument based on research is to let your own unique idea take center stage.

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