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If you're looking for a way to provide positive reinforcement for students, this project is something to consider. It lends itself so well to compliments, not only from me, but compliments among the class. They were quick to praise each other on cool aspects of the films, such as good music choices, shooting their own film, and interesting transitions. A conversation naturally arose in the time between trailers. 


For some students, I think this project was a confidence builder. The girl who created the trailer for Heist Society received many compliments on her creativity and was even voted the best trailer by quite a few of her peers; they now want to read that book. This pleased me so much because this particular student doesn't often succeed in the most traditional forms, but she is creative and it was her moment to shine. 


What did I like best? I loved that everything today was about books. Teenagers having a genuine conversation about books that they want to read. I wasn't forcing anything or boring anyone. Today was about them and about books. 

  Congratulating Directors
  Positive Reinforcement: Congratulating Directors
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Viewing Party: Presenting the Book Trailers

Unit 19: Creating Book Trailers in iMovie for Choice Reads
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Objective: SWBAT provide an objective summary of an outside read book that persuades others to read the book by presenting their book trailers to their peers.

Big Idea: Ready, Set, Action. Time to view our masterpieces.

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