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I felt like today went well, and thought it was overall a valuable lesson to break down the process of evaluating resources and building an understanding of a topic and interacting with it through reading different pieces on the topic.  I did find that students had some trouble still in recognizing the “bottom line” element as their own ‘take’ on the article—why it is relevant to them, and that it is not the same as a central idea.  I guess they are so used to providing right answers and analyzing other work that they had a bit a challenge realizing that the lesson is how to establish what is important to them and their own argument, too.   However, I thought that during this carousel part they started to get the idea of building an argument through writing the statement about how a piece connects to a previous one; I heard some good discussions at each station, with kids particularly responding to the McDonalds articles.   This seemed to really helped them realize that they are developing their own viewpoint on the topic.  The real assessment, however, will be tomorrow when they write an essay using these resources; I’m hoping that a higher percentage of students really go from their own perspective this time.

One other interesting observation is that most of them had a hard time understanding the cartoons—I guess they don’t have enough prior knowledge of economics or politics to get what is funny, and therefore the central idea.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with this information, except to know it was interesting!

  Rigor: Strong Responses
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Evaluating Research on a Carousel

Unit 11: Writing a Research Argument
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT efficiently evaluate resources for research by identifying the central ideas and types of evidence the author uses, and continually synthesize this information into their own developing position.

Big Idea: Learning to evaluate resources and continually synthesize the central ideas during research will help develop more efficient research practices that deepen understanding of the topic.

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