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This lesson was able to happen seamlessly because the people I work with are A- Maz- Ing!!  I have worked in buildings where this type of teamwork wouldn't have been possible thus requiring me to do all the filming and supervising.  Depending on the climate of the building where you work, carrying out your filming may not be able to happen in the same way mine did. If you don't have another adult to run the filming, have a task for the other students to work on such as an evaluation matrix whereby they grade the PSA being filmed instead of just watching it.  Remember, the unengaged student is the one that causes disruption so keep them engaged if you are in charge of all the students during the filming.  

  Reflection: Adult Collaboration
  Learning Communities: Reflection: Adult Collaboration
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Ready?? Action!!

Unit 22: Living Mr. Lincoln's Way: Creating Public Service Announcements
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Objective: SWBAT perform their public service announcements in order to be filmed for a viewing audience.

Big Idea: Being at ease while speaking in front of others is a necessary skill for success in life.

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