Reflection: Pacing Analyzing Rhetoric in Print Advertisements - Section 4: Whole Group Share out of Findings


As is typically the case (especially on Wednesdays when our time is limited), we ran out of time to really do justice to this portion of the class--even with stealing 5 minutes of history time! Instead of having every group share their findings, we had two people stand up and share their responses with the class.

One group stood up and shared their analysis of this advertisement. I was very impressed, especially with their analysis of ethos. They pointed to the fact that there was a celebrity spokesperson who made the argument more appealing. They also pointed to the "small print" on the page stating that this was clever logos making sure that it didn't dominate the add, but provided ethos in it's ability to make the reader trust the seller more.

Based on out lack of time, I am going to give the students a quiz tomorrow over the appeals--I will pull advertisements into a PowerPoint and have them look for specific details to share about each of the three main appeals.

  Pacing: Whole Group Share Out Reflection
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Analyzing Rhetoric in Print Advertisements

Unit 3: Informational Text: How to Read for Rhetoric
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT show their ability to analyze multiple kinds of texts for rhetorical situation and strategy by analyzing print advertisements from magazines.

Big Idea: Advertisers are masters of rhetoric--studying print advertisements allows students a chance to do a close reading for the specific strategies seen in a magazine.

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