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This is the first time I’m in-depthly addressing a topic that the students really know nothing about (economics), and one they don’t care as much about (at least most of them).  I’m glad this is the case, because it challenges them to use a few different brain muscles!  

They had a bit of a challenge initially understanding the bottom line part as being their own take-away—they are much more comfortable establishing an author’s central idea than recognizing what is important for them in entering the conversation, particularly with a topic such as this.  I ended up asking students what other topics the Businessweek piece brought up for them to further model that it is okay to take what you need from a resource and move on—that is the purpose of research.  Clearly they haven’t done a lot of work researching to establish their own perspective, so I will likely adjust my planning accordingly the next couple weeks by slowing down a bit as we get into the research essay; since it is a small class, I will likely spend a couple extra days in the library where they will write and research and I can work one on one with students to meet their individual needs.  

  A Challenging Skillset
  Student Feedback: A Challenging Skillset
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Evaluating Research: A Model

Unit 11: Writing a Research Argument
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Objective: SWBAT read a potential resource for research and evaluate it in terms central idea and its value in building an argument on the topic.

Big Idea: A critical skill for researching is the ability to quickly recognize central ideas and how the resource might help build your argument.

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